Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Whitewashing Debrief

August 24, 2015

Howdy folks!!

So the new adventure begins: whitewashing Falkirk! I've only been here for 4 days, but I can already tell that this is going to be an interesting/hard learning experience. So here's the low down....

The previous elders didn't really leave us much to work with. They had a grand total of 0 investigators, so Elder Scharman and I are basically starting from scratch. However, we have found two potential investigators already who we are hoping to meet with this week. One is named Nicole and the other is named Charlotte. If you could please pray for them, that would be much appreciated. Falkirk is a branch, which means it is much smaller than the giant wards I am used to to. On average, their are about 50 members that come to church every week. They all have wonderful testimonies, but they aren't very missionary minded. We are going to be doing a lot of member missionary work with them, and our branch mission leader, Brother McGowan, is a great help! 

The previous elders did have a recent convert named Elaine that we are now working with. She is so sweet! She loves family history and going to the temple. She was baptised in May, and has been to the temple is Preston, England twice already, and is going for a third time this weekend. She got really attached to the last elders after knowing them for 6 months, and when she found out two new elders were coming, she said she was never going to speak to us. Well, we met her yesterday, and ended up talking to her for an hour and half after church. I think that was pretty succesful! 

The thing I like most about this area is that we have a senior couple, Elder and Sister Ladle. They are area family history missionaries, and live literally right next door to us. They are wonderful!! Before we arrived, Sister Ladle made sure our flat was spick and span which was a big help to us. Sister Ladle also cuts our hair, can mend clothes, and they have a car so they can take us places on P-Day. They also feed us once a week. Love it!!!!

Speaking of going places on P-Day, today they took us to see the Kelpies. The Kelpies are basically giant, metal horse statues: the largest in the world actually. Elder Ladle is able to take a picture at just the right angle so it looks like we are feeding it! So fun!! 

As you have probably guessed, Elder Scharman is my new companion. He just turned 19 and has been out for 10 months, but all that time has been in Ireland. He has so many great ideas on how to get the area lit up!!

Well, that's pretty much it for this week! I am super excited to be starting this next chapter in my mission and can't wait to see what lessons I am supposed to learn here! Prayers are always appreciated! Love and miss you all!

Stay awesome! Keep moving forward!!

--Elder Wilson

The Kelpies!

I'm feeding a Kelpie!

The Falkirk Crew

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