Monday, September 14, 2015

I'm Going Foreign Speaking

Howdy everyone!

This week was pretty good. Not as much happened as last week, but stuff did happen.

We got to see Michael and Angela again this week. Had a wonderful lesson with them. Both are reading from the Book of Mormon and Michael said his first prayer as well! I love hearing people pray for the first time and seeing them start to build that connection with their Heavenly Father! Sadly, Michael was working yesterday and Angela worked night shift on Saturday so she was sleeping, and neither were able to make it to church. We have stake conference this Sunday, and both said they will be able to make, so that will be grand!

We also got to visit with Ali. He is....getting there. He didn't read from the Book of Mormon at all, and he refused to pray at the end of the lesson, but he has a very sincere desire to feel the Spirit and to learn. As long as that is there, we will be able to help him to progress. 

No new investigators, but we should hopefully be getting at least 3 this week! 

We are meeting with a man named Alexander tonight who we found while we were chapping this last week. We are also meeting with a couple of former investigators. 

First is Andrina. Her husband was a member, but he passed away recently. She has been meeting with missionaries off and on since 2006. The main thing holding her back from baptism is an extreme fear of water. We are bringing our recent convert, Elaine, to the lesson, because she too had a fear of water. Hoping that will help.

The second former is named Martin. He met with missionaries last year. There is one reason why the Elders had to to drop him....he is Deaf. We have a member in the branch named Kerry Watts who knows British Sign Language, and she has agreed to teach us and to help interpret in the lessons. I get to learn BSL!!! For those of you who don't know, I love American sign language, and that was my second choice of my mission behind Scotland/Ireland. I am so excited!! BSL is very different to ASL, so I will need that gift of tongues. 

Those are kind of the main events for the week. Last Monday (after emailing), Elder Scharman and I went to Callendar House. It's basically a giant mansion that was built in like the 11th century or something. Reminded of something right out of Pride and Prejudice. 

Please pray for all the people we are meeting with this week! They are much appreciated. 

Thank you all for the love and support! Stay awesome and keep moving forward!

--Elder Wilson

Callendar House

Elder Scharman and Elder Wilson

Found some cool hats!

We found some creepy wax figures!

More creepy wax figures....

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