Monday, September 14, 2015

3-2-1 Blast Off!!

September 7, 2015
Finally!!! Things are starting to take off here in Falkirk!!!! This last week was super good. First off, some practical things. This week I got to go on two exchanges. First was with Elder Neilson in Stirling. He has been out for 2 transfers now, and this was his first time leading out the area. He was so nervous! Brought me back to my first time doing that as well, 6 months ago!! Good times. Second was with Elder Campbell, one of our zone leaders. He and his companion Elder Tang, came and helped us out in our area so we could cover more ground. Elder Campbell and I took the car and went around trying by a ton of referrals that we have. It was a super productive day!!!

Now for the awesome bits!! We have 3 new investigators!!! First is Michael and Angela. Michael is the son of our recent convert, Elaine, and Angela is his partner. They have a 7 year old son named Mark! They are so great!!! They have agreed to be baptised once they learn more and know that it's true! They have already felt the Spirit, so that shouldn't take to long. They also came to fast and testimony meeting yesterday, so that was so good! Then there is Ali. Ali is Elaine's husband. He is from Gambia and is very strong in the Muslim faith. We taught him on Saturday and he recognized and acknowledged the feelings of the Spirit!! We also invited him to be baptised, and he said he would think about it. Progress will be slow, but we will get there. 

We didn't have a chance to see Lauren this week, but we do have another potential investigator named Andrina. She used to investigate the church, but was dropped a couple years ago. She has an extreme fear of water, so she has never even considered baptism. We are seeing her on Friday, so please pray for her!! 

Things are finally starting to pick up here in Falkirk and it is so great to see these miracles come to pass! Praying truly does work!!

On Saturday, the Petrie children were baptised in Dundee! I am so sad that I wasn't able to be there, but so happy for all of them. They are so great!! 

Thank you all for your prayers and support!! Love and miss you all!
Stay awesome and keep moving forward!
--Elder Wilson
I introduced Elder Scharman to the wonderful pizza crunch!!

My kids in Dundee! (L to R Jasmine, Gemma, Caitlin, Georgina, and Cameron)

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