Monday, February 29, 2016

Baptisms are Cool

This week was just grand, so it was!! On Saturday, we had the wonderful opportunity to baptize Sheila and Clive Mtawali. I was able to baptize Sheila, and Elder Harker baptized Clive. On Sunday, we were then able to confirm them members of the Church of Jesus Christ. I also had the wonderful opportunity to participate in this ordinance and confirm Clive. This was such an amazing experience to be involved in helping two wonderful people begin their lives as disciples of Jesus Christ!!!
This week is also transfers! We got the call last night, and after 5 transfers in Dundalk, Elder Harker will be moving about an hour north to Portadown. I only served with him for three weeks, so that was quick! I will be getting Elder Corcran. He is from Las Vegas, NV and has been out for 3 months. Nice and fresh greenie mind for me to corrupt :)
I'm excited to be staying in Dundalk for a couple of reasons. First, we are working with some amazing people and I know that we are going to see miracles this transfer. Second, I get to be in Ireland for St. Patty's Day!! I managed to convince my district leader to let us go on exchanges that day, so I will get to spend that holiday in Dublin. How much more Irish could you get?!?!? I am so pumped!!!
This next week will be busy getting a new companion and introducing him to people, so next email should be a little bit more exciting!!
Prayer List
Sheila and Clive Continue to strengthen testimonies
Obriens Overcome individual concerns.
Aileen Church attendance.
Thank you all for your love and support!! I love and miss you all! Stay awesome and keep moving forward!

Elder Cody Michael Wilson


A common sight, here in Ireland


Monday, February 22, 2016

Welcome to the Dublin City

Howdy all! This week was grand, so it was! Elder Harker and I had the opportunity to go to Dublin this week to go on exchanges with the district leader. Every missionary in the Scotland/Ireland mission refers to Dublin as the promised land...and I understand why now!! So many people and a lot of them are so willing to learn. Many of them are foreigners (lots from Brazil and Africa) and if you just say you are sharing a message about Jesus Christ, they will give you their number in a heart beat. So wonderful!! I would love to serve there one day.
Other than that adventure in Dublin, this week was pretty average. Unfortunately we weren't able to meet with a few of our investigators, but Sheila and Clive were able to have their baptismal interview on Saturday. All went well there and we are all good to proceed with the baptism on Saturday. Most of our time this week will be spent prepping for that. Some more good news is that Sheila brought one of her friends to church yesterday.  Her name is Esther, and we will begin teaching her this week as well. Good things are headed our way!!!
So for P-day last week, Elder Harker took me to this old abadoned castle in the middle of a field called Roche Castle. It was really cool!! See attached pics to see just how cool!!
Not really much else to report. Teaching some pretty solid people, and continuing to find more. Miracles are headed for this area!!
Prayer List
Sheila and Clive just pray the baptism will go smooth
Aileen Church attendance
Cynthia Just meet with us
Susan Just meet with us!!!
Thanks for all your love and support! Love and miss you all! Stay awesome and keep moving forward!

--Elder Wilson
Dublin, baby!

Roche Castle

Irish countryside

Rockin our Irish swag

Slane Castle

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day Fun!

                                                                                                                             February 15, 2016
Hello all! So, this email will be shorter because I was horrible at time management again and don't have too much time. Whoops!
So yesterday was Valentine's Day. Sadly, we had no appointments so we had to go knock some doors. Needless to say, many people were celebrating Valentine's Day, and a few of their.....activities...were interrupted by two 20 year old Mormon's sharing the gospel. I think some people got a little annoyed. Isn't being a missionary great!!!

This week has been pretty good. We got to see most of our investigators. Unfortunately we had some joint teaches cancel on us, and since all of our investigators are single sisters, we aren't able to see a couple. Kind of a bummer.
Sheila and Clive are still on track for their baptism on the 27th. The font is reserved and they will be having their interview on the 20th. Preparing for a busy week of baptismal preparations! Pray for us!
Had a great miracle happen yesterday. A less active came back to church for the first time in a while, which is great! The best part is that she brought a nonmember friend with her as well! Her name is Serina. she stayed for all three hours of church and we got her number so that we can meet up with her and start teaching her!! So good!!!
This week should be fun. Tomorrow we are going on exchanges, and I will get the chance to do some finding in Dublin City Centre. Elder Thueson served there and said it is the promised land. All you have to do is say Jesus Christ and people will meet with you! Can't wait to find out if the rumors are true :)
Prayer List
Sheila and Clive Baptism Prep
Aileen Church attendance
Cythia Joint teaches
O'Briens Solid appts
Serina MEET WITH US!!!
Thank you all for your prayers and love! You are all amazing! Stay awesome and keep moving forward!
--Elder Wilson
Swagging' with the comp!

Just looked cool!

St. Peter's Church

Severed head of Oliver Plunkett

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Emerald Isle

                                                                                                                  February 8, 2016
Well, this is me officially on the Emerald Isle. It was really fun traveling here (please note the sarcasm in my voice). I started traveling at 9 AM on Tuesday, and didn't actually get into my area until around 8 PM Wednesday. My modes of transportation included a car, a train, a bus, a ferry, another bus, and another car. Needless to say, I am ready to settle down and stay here for a bit.
Once I got to my area though, I didn't spend too much time there. On Saturday, we traveled back to Dublin for an All Ireland Conference with Elder Hallstrom, one of the presidents of the Quorum of the 70. He also spoke on Sunday at the Dublin Stake Conference. It is such an amazing experience to hear from God's chosen apostles. To all my friends in Scotland, I am sorry you have to read this paragraph and be jealous.
Dundalk seems great. We are actually teaching people, so that is really nice. First is Sheila and Clive. They are from Zimbabwe. She is in her 40's and he is 13. Libson is her husband and he is a recent convert. They are preparing for baptism on the 27th of this month.
Next is Aileen. She is super solid!! She is the most intelligent person I have ever met!! She could get baptised tomorrow if she wanted, but she is very busy with school and night classes so she is holding off for now. She knows what a commitment it is, and wants to give it 110%.
Then there are the O'briens (Susan, Danielle, and Paddy). I haven't met them yet, so I can't tell you too much. They are a member referral which are usually pretty solid. We will see what happens with them.
Overall, it seems like great things will happen! Elder Harker (my new comp from Canada) is great!! He is super chill and a hard worker! We are going to see miracles!
Prayer List
Sheila and Clive Prep for baptism on the 27th
Aileen Strength to give up smoking
O'briens Fully commit themselves
Thank you all for your support and love! It means a lot! Love and miss you all! Stay awesome and keep moving forward!
Sorry I haven't taken any pics of Ireland yet. I will make up for it next week!

--Elder Wilson
1) Loch Ness: home of the Loch Ness Monster 2) The last selfie with Elder Thueson :(


Monday, February 1, 2016

Just My Luck

Well, after 6 more weeks in Thurso, we had another moves call last night. Here is the verdict:

Elder Thueson will be staying in Thurso and will be serving with Elder Kinville. I, however, will be leaving. After serving half my mission in Scotland, I finally get to see the Emerald Isle! That's right! Elder Wilson is headed to Ireland! I will be serving in a town called Dundalk which is about an hour outside of Dublin in the Republic of Ireland (if you didn't know, Ireland is actually two separate countries). My new companion is Elder Harker from Canada. I am really looking forward to finally getting to see the other half of my mission, but sad to say goodbye to Elder Thueson. It has been a grand 3 months with him. Who knew I would make some of my closest friends in another country? 

In other news, pretty cool checkpoint in my mission life yesterday. If I did my math correctly, yesterday marked one year until I will be back in the good ol' US of A! Only 365 days to go! It is crazy how fast the time has gone. It does not feel like I have been out as long as I have and experienced all of these incredible things. I would not trade them all for the world, and in the words of my friend Elder Thueson, there's no place I'd rather be!!

I wish I could write more, but I need to go pack and get ready to leave. I need to be in Edinburgh tomorrow night. I will then catch a bus Wednesday morning to Stranraer where we will catch the 3 hour ferry to Belfast. From there I will take another bus to Dublin, where I will meet with Elder Harker and head up to Dundalk in our car. Oh yeah, I still have a car. I am going to be so fat!

Prayer List
-Thurso this area is just going really slow and could use some blessings. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Love and miss you all! Stay awesome and keep moving forward!
--Elder Wilson
Dunnet Head-most northern point in mainland Britain

We built a fort in our living room!

fort Selfie!!!!!