Monday, June 29, 2015

Humility Week

Well, this week wasn't as great as weeks past. Not terrible, just not great. A couple weeks ago, Elder Ensign, Sister Johson, Sister Stein and I were talking about people who pray to be humble and how the Lord answers those prayers, usually in fairly extreme ways. Never do it unless absolutely necessary was the advice given by Elder Ensign. Being me, I decided to put it to the test. My mistake!

I think in totaly we had 6 appointments fall through this week, and had to cancel one because we couldn't find a joint teach to go with us. 

We had no investigators or less actives at church on Sunday.

We faced a lot of opposition during our finding as well. We were told that we were worse than ISIS at one point because of the amount of brainwashing we do. Doesn't a mission sound fun?

That was pretty much our week. Finding, finding, and more finding with no success sadly! Hey at least none of our investigators dropped (knock on wood)! Hopefully this week is more successful! We have a lot of appointments set up so prayers would be greatly appreciated. I know I say that every week, but they really do help. 

Well, this email is super short. Not really sure what else to say since we didn't really have anything happen. Sorry about that. I will try harder this week. Bottom line: don't pray to be humbled unless you are ready to face the consequences!! 

Hope you all have a great week! Have fun! Stay awesome! Keep moving forward! Love and miss you all!

Sorry I don't have any pictures this week. Left my cord back at our flat! Whoops!
--Elder Wilson

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Good Times!

                                                                                                                               June 22, 2015
Hi all!! Another fantastic week this week full of teaching and finding!

For starters, we got another new investigator! His name is George and we met him while we were waiting at a bus stop (which we do a lot here)! He has some cousins who are members of the Church, so he knows a little bit about what we are about. After our first lesson with him, he said that everything we taught made complete sense and promised to read the Book of Mormon and pray. He seems super solid!

We also had 2 investigators come to church, as well as a less active! SUCCESS!!!

We also found 2 potential investigators this week who we will hopefully be meeting with this week! The first is name Kara. She is in her 20's and we stopped her on the street earlier this week. The only problem is we aren't sure if she is more interested in the message or with us. She asked if she could invite some of her friends over for our appointment on Saturday. Hmmmm. The second one is named Olivia. She has a 5 year old son and is really interested in God's plan for families. The issue with her is that her work schedule is really hectic and not really set in stone, so setting up solid appointments could be a problem. Prayers for both of these people would be appreiciated!

We also had a lot of meal appointments this week!!! I think there were only 2 days where I had to make dinner for myself! But, I am not complaining!

Other than that, this week has been pretty normal! Went on an exchange on Tuesday. I was in other trio, this time with two English elders. That was....interesting. Never a dull moment, I can tell you that.

This next week is super full with appointments, two meetings in Glasgow (a normal district meeting, and then a meeting for the district leaders), and another exchange. It's nice having people to teach!! It's crazy how fast this transfer is going, but again, not complaining.

Hope you all have a great week! Thank you for all your prayers and support! Love and miss you all!
Stay awesome! Keep moving forward!

--Elder Wilson
1) World Buffet with the Motherwell crew 2) Exchange with the Brits (Elder Benton and Elder Burch) 3) Karl fed us a fancy cheese platter! MMMM!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015


Oh man!! This week has been so great!!!! So many good things have happened!!

For starters, we got 2 new investigators!!!!! Finally! The first one is named Peter. He is about 60 years old and is Roman Catholic. He has just recently started going back to church, so I think we intercepted him at just the right time. The way we found him was pretty awesome! We were in an area called Coltness for a lesson with a potential investigator. Unfortunately, that lesson fell through. A bit downhearted, we decided to pray to find out why were in that area. We both felt like we should just chap around the neighborhood. Well, we chapped Peter's door, and he let us in and we got to share a mini lesson with him!! Super exciting!!

Our second new investigator is named Gordon, and his story is pretty amazing as well! We were at church on Sunday, and we were just starting priesthood opening exercises, when in walks this guy I had never seen at church before. He sits next to Elder Ensign and I, and we introduce ourselves. he tells us who he is and we find out that he was a former investigator from about 3 years ago. He had come to church many times before and had a baptismal date, but for whatever reason missed it. He had been wanting to come back to church for a while and felt like this Sunday was the day to do it. He seems super solid and I am so excited to start working with him. 

We have also had success with less actives! We managed to get one named Jamie Bryce to a guitar night put on by our ward mission leader! Sadly, he is going on holiday until July so we won't be able to meet with him again until then. Oh well! 

In other news, yesterday we had zone development (which is why I am emailing today), which is basically when the entire zone gets together and just plays sports all day. It was Glasgow zone (mine) vs Paisley Zone. Obviously, Glasgow came out victorious! I am super sore today though, so that is a downside! But, like every single one of my companions have said (all two) "it hurts so good!"

This week, we also had summer...all 3 days of it! It was completely blue skies, sunny, and about 26 degrees Celsius (probably in the 60's fahrenheit)! Finally got to proselyte in short sleeves!

Hopefully this week goes as great as last week! Thank you all so much for your support and prayers! They really do help! 

Stay awesome! Keep moving forward!

--Elder Wilson
1) Proselyting Adventures! 2) Trio exchange selfie!!

Trio exchange selfie!!

Proselyting Adventures!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

On the Road Again...

Hey everyone! This week has been insane both physically and monetarily!!

We had so many meetings this week, both in Glasgow and Edinburgh, which meant a lot of travelling. 

To start off we had exchanges this week, so we had to travel to Glasgow to swap companions. I got to be in a trio for this exchange, so that was a little different, but also really fun! Wouldn't want to do it for an entire transfer though.

Next, we had a Scotland West Conference in Glasgow. This meeting included two zones (Paisley and Glasgow). Lots of good instruction there! I really enjoyed it because a lot of what was spoken about applied directly to what has been going on in my life and mind recently. I love those moments!! It was a kind of sad meeting as well, because it was probably the last time any of us got to speak with President and Sister Brown before they go home and we get a new president in July. Even though I have only had them as presidents for 3.5 months, they have done a lot for me, and I will miss them!

We also had an All Scotland Conference in Edinburgh this week. This was a really special conference because we had a special speaker. It was none other than Elder Jeffrey R. Holland!!!! Not only did he speak to us, but we also got to shake his hand!!!! I am never washing my right hand again!! He talked a lot about how we need to make the most of our missions, and continue our spiritual progression after we go home. My favorite thing he said was "Don't you dare leave this (meaning the Church) after you go home!!" It was super intense for everyone who was there!

And finally, we had stake conference in Glasgow this Sunday. It was a special broadcast from Ediburhg with Elder Holland (that's right, twice in a week)! He spoke about the Book of Mormon bore the most powerful testimony I have ever heard about the truthfulness of it! Not a meeting I will soon forget!!

In other news, we are still working hard to find people to find. Lots of door knocking and street contacting. Hopefully we start seeing the fruits of our labors soon! Hope you all have a great week! Love and miss you all! Stay awesome! Keep moving forward!

--Elder Wilson
Trio exchange with Elders Benton and Welch

Munchie boxes: so bad, but so good!

Monday, June 1, 2015


Hey everybody!

So this week was full of a lot of big changes! It was the end of the transfer, as well as the end of my training. For some reason, President Brown and the Lord decided it was a good idea to leave me alone in Motherwell and take away my trainer. I suppose they know best. With that, on Wednesday, Elder Blaylock and I went to Glasgow where he got on a bus to go Ireland and I stayed behind. It was sad to see him go, but I know he is going to do awesome in his new area! That afternoon I got my new companion, Elder Ensign! He seems like a great guy, and he is a really hard worker. I think good things are going to happen this transfer!

Thursday, it was back to Glasgow, because Elder Ensign had to go to Edinburgh for New Leadership Training. Spent the day with Elder Martin in his area, so that was pretty fun. Didn't get back to Motherwell until about 6 that night, and then went and had dinner with some members. 

Saturday, we helped a family in our ward move house. It was a LONG day of service, but it was really fun. Elder Ensign got to meet a few new members from the ward, and I got to wear shorts and a t-shirt all day so that was awesome!

Church was weird on Sunday, because I am so used to looking over and sitting next to Elder Blaylock. Hopefully this awkward transition stage doesn't last for long. 

Sorry for the shorter email, but I am running a little low on time!

Love and miss you all! 
Stay awesome! Keep moving forward!

--Elder Wilson
                                                       My new companion, Elder Ensign