Monday, June 22, 2015


Oh man!! This week has been so great!!!! So many good things have happened!!

For starters, we got 2 new investigators!!!!! Finally! The first one is named Peter. He is about 60 years old and is Roman Catholic. He has just recently started going back to church, so I think we intercepted him at just the right time. The way we found him was pretty awesome! We were in an area called Coltness for a lesson with a potential investigator. Unfortunately, that lesson fell through. A bit downhearted, we decided to pray to find out why were in that area. We both felt like we should just chap around the neighborhood. Well, we chapped Peter's door, and he let us in and we got to share a mini lesson with him!! Super exciting!!

Our second new investigator is named Gordon, and his story is pretty amazing as well! We were at church on Sunday, and we were just starting priesthood opening exercises, when in walks this guy I had never seen at church before. He sits next to Elder Ensign and I, and we introduce ourselves. he tells us who he is and we find out that he was a former investigator from about 3 years ago. He had come to church many times before and had a baptismal date, but for whatever reason missed it. He had been wanting to come back to church for a while and felt like this Sunday was the day to do it. He seems super solid and I am so excited to start working with him. 

We have also had success with less actives! We managed to get one named Jamie Bryce to a guitar night put on by our ward mission leader! Sadly, he is going on holiday until July so we won't be able to meet with him again until then. Oh well! 

In other news, yesterday we had zone development (which is why I am emailing today), which is basically when the entire zone gets together and just plays sports all day. It was Glasgow zone (mine) vs Paisley Zone. Obviously, Glasgow came out victorious! I am super sore today though, so that is a downside! But, like every single one of my companions have said (all two) "it hurts so good!"

This week, we also had summer...all 3 days of it! It was completely blue skies, sunny, and about 26 degrees Celsius (probably in the 60's fahrenheit)! Finally got to proselyte in short sleeves!

Hopefully this week goes as great as last week! Thank you all so much for your support and prayers! They really do help! 

Stay awesome! Keep moving forward!

--Elder Wilson
1) Proselyting Adventures! 2) Trio exchange selfie!!

Trio exchange selfie!!

Proselyting Adventures!

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