Monday, February 22, 2016

Welcome to the Dublin City

Howdy all! This week was grand, so it was! Elder Harker and I had the opportunity to go to Dublin this week to go on exchanges with the district leader. Every missionary in the Scotland/Ireland mission refers to Dublin as the promised land...and I understand why now!! So many people and a lot of them are so willing to learn. Many of them are foreigners (lots from Brazil and Africa) and if you just say you are sharing a message about Jesus Christ, they will give you their number in a heart beat. So wonderful!! I would love to serve there one day.
Other than that adventure in Dublin, this week was pretty average. Unfortunately we weren't able to meet with a few of our investigators, but Sheila and Clive were able to have their baptismal interview on Saturday. All went well there and we are all good to proceed with the baptism on Saturday. Most of our time this week will be spent prepping for that. Some more good news is that Sheila brought one of her friends to church yesterday.  Her name is Esther, and we will begin teaching her this week as well. Good things are headed our way!!!
So for P-day last week, Elder Harker took me to this old abadoned castle in the middle of a field called Roche Castle. It was really cool!! See attached pics to see just how cool!!
Not really much else to report. Teaching some pretty solid people, and continuing to find more. Miracles are headed for this area!!
Prayer List
Sheila and Clive just pray the baptism will go smooth
Aileen Church attendance
Cynthia Just meet with us
Susan Just meet with us!!!
Thanks for all your love and support! Love and miss you all! Stay awesome and keep moving forward!

--Elder Wilson
Dublin, baby!

Roche Castle

Irish countryside

Rockin our Irish swag

Slane Castle

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