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WeWill Get There!

August 31, 2015


 Hey everybody!

Well, first full week in Falkirk has come and gone, and it wasn't terrible. First some follow up from last week.

We had appointments set up with two potentials (Nicole and Charlotte). Unfortunately both feel through. Dang! We are currently in the process of getting back in contact with them. Please keep praying!

Good news though: we have three potentials we are meeting with this week. First is Kharrom. We met him when we were taking a quick ice cream break. We went into his little corner shop and he started talking to us. We are going to visit him tonight. Second is Jim. Jim is older and a devout Catholic. He is very interested in increasing his faith. He also does not believe in the Trinity! Godhead for the win!!! And finally is Michael. Michael is the son of our recent convert Elaine. He came with us to a musical fireside put on by the Donaldson family at the mission home yesterday, and agree to begin meeting with us! He has a partner and a 7 year old son named Mark! Miracles are in store this week, I can feel it.

We did meet with an investigator that the previous elders had named Lauren. She is....interesting to say the least. She is pagan and follows a belief known as Wiccan. Basically it involves everything to do with witchcraft. Not sure what to do with her. She told us that she has absolutely no desire to convert, but she just wants to learn. Any suggestions are open.

This week, we also had a Scotland West conference. In attendance were Glasgow, Paisley, Edinburgh, and the newly formed Chinatown zones. It was a super great meeting and super fun!! I got to see Elders Baker and Crowe from my MTC group, as well as Elders Burch and Welch who are two of my favorite elders in the world!!!

Today, the Ladles took Elder Scharman to see Linlithgow Palace. This palace is the oldest one in Scotland and was super cool!!! It was home to Mary, Queen of Scots, a direct relative to Queen Elizabeth II. There was also a super pretty church that we got to walk through next door called St. Michael's Church. There was super pretty stained glass which I will include in my pictures!!

Hope you all have a great week! Love and miss you all!
Stay awesome! Keep moving forward!

--Elder Wilson


Shannon Watts...Swaggiest Youth!
MTC Crew

Heather Simpson! Coolest youth!

Linlithgow Palace

Fountains at Linlithgow.

Stained Glass at St Michaels

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