Monday, June 27, 2016

Fishers of Men

June 20, 2016

This week was a week of fishing in both senses of the word! On Monday, we did some actual fishing. Our friend from the Czech Republic, Martin, had some stuff for it and asked if we wanted to go to the pier to try for some mackerel. Why not? After Elder Cluster spent about 40 minutes with his line in the water, he finally caught two, 10" mackerel!!! We were pretty excited. We were deciding whether or not we wanted to take them home to cook them, but ended up voting against it. We threw them back, and after being in the water for about 5 seconds, a seagull came down and ate one of the fish we had just thrown back. What a crappy way to spend your last minutes of life.

We also did some fishing for investigators...and we caught two of them as well!! This week we starting teaching a couple named James and Suzy. They are so good! They both have so many questions that can be answered by the gospel, and say that all of what we teach makes total sense. They also have two sons, one 10 and the other 11, who are both interested in religion and finding out about who God is, so we are hopefully going to start teaching them this week as well. James and Suzy also committed to be baptised on the 9th of July, which is super good!!!

Also seeing a lot of success with our current investigators, especially Emma and Rachael. They are sisters (one 19 and the other 18) and friends of our recent convert Dayna. We have been teaching them since I first got to the area, and they are preparing to be baptised on the 2nd of July!!! We are super stoked for that! They have had some amazing experiences with the gospel and the Spirit and are both so prepared to take this next step! We are so happy for them both.

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day at church as we had some visitors. Out of nowhere, Michael and Elaine from Falkirk show up in Stranraer to come and visit me!! I haven't seen either of them since October of last year, so this was a pretty sweet reunion! It was so great getting to catch up with them and just being able to spend time with them. They also brought Michael's son, Mark, who is also getting ready to be baptised! It was a pretty good day!

Prayer List
-Emma and Rachael
-James and Suzy

Thank you all for your love and support! Stay awesome and keep moving forward! Love and miss you all to pieces!

Elder Wilson
1) The catch of the day 2) Swagging with the crew 3) Unexpected visitors 4) Branch activity

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