Wednesday, March 11, 2015

On the Road Again

The time has arrived. It is 5:30 AM here in Chorley, and we are making our final preparations before hitting the road to Scotland. I will spend one night at the mission home in Edinburgh, and then get my new companion/trainer for the next 6 weeks on Thursday. I will also get my first area in either Ireland or Scotland. I am so excited to finally get out in the field. But I am also terrified. These past two weeks have taught me so much, and I definitely know more than I did two weeks ago.
This last week at the MTC has been phenomenol! On Sunday we got to watch Meet the Mormons. It was amazing!! I could feel the Spirit so strongly! I think movies in the MTC are on spiritual steroids because I definitely feel the Spirit way more watching them here than I did at home. I love it!! Monday was a little bit weird. It was our last official day of classes and it felt a lot like the last day of school. The students were ready to get out, but the teachers were trying to keep control. Still a lot of learning going on though. My teachers, Sister Shead and Brother Webb, are so amazing!! They have taught me so much. They don't just tell me answers to my questions, but they help me to find the answers on my own. It will benefit me in the long run I'm sure. Tuesday was weird. We had in-field orientation, which focused a lot on working with the members to get referrals and teach lessons. It was busy but fun. At the end of the day, everyone who is leaving got the chance to go to the temple. I thought I was only going to get to go once, so this was a nice surprise. The Preston temple is so beautiful, both inside and out. I love the feeling that I get after going. That will be my last time going to the temple for 2 years since there isn't one in Scotland or Ireland. I am a little disappointed, but I know I will get the same spiritual high just by doing the great work I have been called to do.
One downside to the MTC: if one person gets sick, everybody gets sick.  It all started with my roommate getting a nasty "British cold". Now, everybody and their second-cousins jack rabbit (to use the words of my good friend David Kime) is hacking up their lungs with this cold. I hate it!! Hopefully I start feeling better soon!
Anyway, the next time I will get to email is on Monday. That will be my email day for the next two years in the field, unless my mission president changes it on us.
Love and miss you all!!!!!
Keep moving forward and stay awesome!!!!!!!

--Elder Wilson

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