Monday, March 16, 2015

Hard Work and Disney Dopplegangers

Hiya! This week has been crazy! I am officially out in the mission field! I am currently in the town of Motherwell which is just a little ways outside of Glasgow. My trainer is Elder Blaylock. He has 6 months left and is super chill! So far we are getting along great. The work here is really good. Here's a list of who we are teaching...
Karl: Karl is a great guy. I have met with him twice already. He is working on getting back to church as soon as he is able. He loves the missionaries.
William: He has been meeting with the missionaries for a while. He has already had all the lessons and would be baptized, but his wife HATES the church. Hopefully that resolves itself

Sister Fran: Fran is less active. Biggest thing is getting her to church at the moment.
Swans: Haven't met with this couple yet, but their biggest thing is to get to church

Sylvester: He is in the process of moving so we won't meet with him for a while. He is having trouble reading the Book of Mormon and getting to church. 

This week we are meeting with two potential investigators. The first is Alan. He is a street contact that we met on Friday. He took a Book of Mormon and we have a meeting with him tonight. The second is named Kim. We met her tracting. She also took a Book of Mormon and we are meeting with her on Thursday. Hopefully all goes well. 

The ward here is great!! The members love their missionaries and are always willing to have us over. On Saturday, Elder Blaylock and I went over to help a family with some yard work. We chopped wood for two hours and I am still super sore!! 

My Disney mind is playing tricks on me. We met a lady at a bus stop the other day, and the whole time she was talking, I could only think of the Witch from the movie Brave. And then in Elders quorum, the teacher sounded exactly like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean. It was insane.

I am loving Scotland! The people are so nice (most of them) and it seems like many are very interested in the gospel. There is such a great spirit here and I love it so much. Sorry there aren't any pictures, but there isn't a spot for an SD card and I don't have a cord. I would give you all an address to send me letters, but Elder Blaylock and I are currently in the process of finding a new flat, so our address is likely to change within the week. Hopefully next email I will be able to get one to you! Love and miss you all! 

Keep moving forward. Stay awesome!
--Elder Wilson

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