Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Here Comes the Sun

Hiya friends!! 

Hope you have all been doing well! 
I am doing great, and the work here in Motherwell is definitely starting to take off. They have seen more success in the past couple of weeks than they have the last few months, so I guess I am doing something right!

The weather here is starting to warm up. It was low 50's (farenheit) and we had 4 consecutive days of sunshine! It was fantastic not having to wear a coat to go tracting!

This week was hard but good. We went by two potential investigators (can't remember if I told you about them in my last email), but both appointments fell through. It was really sad. After the first one fell through, I prayed really hard that the second would go well and that we would get a new investigator. After she fell through, I got really upset. But, then we tried by a former investigator and he invited us in. We talked for a little bit, and we are teaching him tonight! Looks like the Lord did answer my prayer, just not in the way that I expected. 

So it turns out we aren't moving flats. It's a long story! Anyway my address is

Elder Cody Michael Wilson
12 Henderson Court
United Kingdom

You can send me letters to this address, but packages must be sent to the mission home. 

Some of you may be wondering why this email is a day late. We had Zone Conference yesterday, which is basically just a play day for the zone. We all got together and played some sports, had dinner, and then watched the Best Two Years. It was so much fun, and I got to meet a lot of people. Loved it!

So, some of you may remember the Church's Christmas Initiative, He is the Gift. Well, they are doing one for Easter as well called Because He Lives! It launches March 28, and I would encourage all of you to spread the word the best you can. The video, which will take over Youtube when the initiative launches, is so amazing and everyone should share it! Spread the word!!

Love and miss you all!
Stay awesome! Keep moving forward 
--Elder Wilson

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