Monday, May 16, 2016

Sunshine and Flat Tyres!

For the record, yes I did spell tires correctly. For some reason, that is how they spell it here in Europe. According to them, that is the proper English spelling!
Anyway, this week was beautiful!! I think it was the first full week on my mission when we had nothing but sunshine!!! The temperature was also really good as well. Got up to about 75 degrees most days, which is pretty unusual for Scotland. But, I'm not complaining. Last Monday, Elder Cluster and took advantage of the nice weather and went on a beach tour around our area. We felt like we had been transferred to the California mission!! The only drawback was that both of us wanted to go swimming soooo bad, which we are not allowed to do as missionaries. Sad day!
To explain the second part of the subject title, we got a flat tire on our car this week. We were in a place called Port William, which is about 30 minutes away from Stranraer, visiting an investigator. When we got back to our car, we noticed our front tire was flatter than a pancake! Luckily, when I was in Boy Scouts, my dad made me take the Automotive Maintenance merit badge! Looks like it came in handy, because I was able to change the tire no problem! If you have never had to change a tire in a white shirt and tie, I would not recommend it. Your white shirt doesn't usually come out white. Another interesting thing that happened, is on our way back from Port William, after changing the tire, the car driving in front of us took out a pigeon flying across the road. I have never seen so many feathers!!! It was really impressive!
In terms of missionary work, this week was still a bit slow. We were able to get one of our investigators, Tia, with a baptismal date of June 11th, which is pretty exciting!!! Hopefully she will keep progressing as well as she has been.
A really cool miracle we saw this week: We found this guy named James about 2 weeks ago. Well, we were supposed to meet with him this week, but the day of our appointment, he texted saying he wasn't interested, but that his friend would be. Well, we talked to his friend, Suzy, and she is golden!!! She is looking for a faith and a church and has so many great questions!!!! She said that she is ready to commit to God and will do whatever she needs to. Well, Suzy, have we got a church for you!! We should be seeing her this week!
Prayer List
-Rachel and Emma
Thank you all for your love and support!!! I really do appreciate it and it means a lot to me! Stay awesome and keep moving forward!! Love and miss you all!
Elder Wilson
We got transferred to California!
Our investigator made us schnitzel!!

We found the Secret Garden!








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