Monday, May 23, 2016

He's Mormon, but he's Buddhist

Hello all! It has been a pretty good week in Stranraer. Things finally look like they are heading in the right direction. We were able to see most of our investigators this week, which was really good, and have lots of appointments set up for this week with new people. Should be good stuff, if all goes according to plan.

Our investigator Rachel was able to make it to church yesterday, which was really good. She seemed to enjoy it! Hopefully next week she can get her sister Emma there. Tia wasn't able to come, which was a bit sad. She is also starting to rethink her baptism on the 11th, so special prayers for Tia would be greatly appreciated!

The highlight of this week was visiting our new friend Eric and his grandson Norman. They are quite the characters. So, Eric is an inactive member, and has not had missionaries for 35 years. He loves the church though and knows it is all true, there is just something that happened that put him off. Now, Eric is a Buddhist, but also not Buddhist. He doesn't pray to Buddha or follow any of their beliefs, but just follows their lifestyle (such as meditating and being very earth friendly). He taught us how to meditate the other day. That was an interesting experience. The best way to put it is he lives a Buddhist lifestyle with Mormon beliefs. His grandson, Norman, is a nonmember. He is super cool as well. He is planning on going to university in Aberdeen in September, but for now is helping to take care of his grandpa. 

This week, we also went to the circus!!! There was an American circus in Stranraer this week, and a recent convert and some investigators invited us to go with them. It was really fun. I have never been to a legit circus before, so this was a first for me. Sadly, most of the people in the American circus weren't even American. But, it was fun either way. 

Prayer List
-Emma and Rachel
-Eric and Norman
-James and Suzy

Sorry for the shorter email, but I got a really slow computer today that takes forever to type on. Thank you all for your love and support. Stay awesome and keep moving forward.

Elder Wilson

I'm feeding a sheep

The Circus crew!

Meet Norman

Meet Eric

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