Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!!

Well, this week has been a bit stressful.
First off, Romain. We have tried to get in contact with him everyday this week, to no avail. Not sure if he is trying to avoid us, or what. Got a text from him on Sunday saying he wasn't coming to church and that he just needed to talk with himself and figure things out. Needless to say, unless a miracle happens, he probably won't be getting baptized this Saturday as planned.
Next is Oussain. We had an amazing lesson with him on Friday about the Plan of Salvation, and in his own words, it is 110% true!!! He said straight up that he wants to convert. The only issue is that he is Muslim, and with everything going on at the minute, we won't be able to baptize him until he gets a visa. He is sending in his paperwork this week and it should get here in about 2 weeks after that, so we could still possibly make his date of April 16th. Unfortunately, he didn't come to church either and we don't know why.  
Also got a new investigator named Maureen. She was a former that was being a taught a few months ago, that we got back in contact with. She is very energetic for a 49 year old women, and is very religious. It is a bit hard for us to talk about what we believe, because she is always talking about what she believes. She did accept a baptismal date though, so that is some sort of progress.
As for the rest of the week, we had a few dropped appointments and Sunday wasn't very fun. You would think that Easter would be one of the greatest Sunday's ever, but not in Dundalk! For starters we had no investigators at church. To make that even worse, we had a member of the mission presidency visiting, so we probably looked like wasters. Then, after church we got in a car accident. Don't worry, we are all ok, but the car will be in the shop for a few days, so we get to walk everywhere now. Yay (please note sarcasm). Basically, my brain hurts, and I am really tired. Really looking forward to Sunday where I can just relax and watch General Conference. Should be good!
Prayer List
-Peter and Moreen
Thank you all for your love and support! Really appreciate it! Stay awesome and keep moving forward!
Elder Wilson
Carlingford Castle
I'm a sheep!

We adopted a cat!

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