Monday, March 14, 2016

A Russian, a Frenchman, and a Pakistani

This week was grand, so it was!! Much of it was spent finding, but because of that we found a lot of really great people. The best day had to be yesterday, because we saw so many miracles!!
First, was that we had two investigators at church. While that doesn't sound too impressive, the story behind one of them is great! We met a man last week named Oussain, and he said that he would be interested in meeting up. We were supposed to teach him this last week, but he unfortunately got sick. Well, Saturday night, we decided to invite him to church, and he said that he would come. Naturally we were a little bit skeptical. It got to be 5 minutes before the church started and he still wasn't there. Well, a couple minutes later, we get a call. It is Oussain saying that he was just outside!!! We ran out and pulled him in (not literally) and he ended up staying for 2/3 hours! What a blessing. What made it even better, is that after Sacrament meeting he was talking about how peaceful and happy he felt. Those sound like some feelings of the Spirit if you ask me!
The second person at church was Romain. Romain is originally from France, was meeting with some elders in Dublin, but has moved up to Dundalk this last week, so we are taking over teaching him. One thing the other elders didn't tell us, is that Romain is preparing for baptism on the 26th of this month! Looks like we have a baptism to get ready for next week!
The funniest part of Sunday was Gospel Principles! We only had 5 people in the class: me, my comp, Romain, Oussain, and our recent convert Sylvester. Now, Sylvester is from Russia, Oussain is from Pakistan, and Romain is from France, and all of them are still learning English. The language barrier was so real, but the lesson went good either way. Luckily it was Elder Corcran's turn to teach :)
Another miracle that happened yesterday was during finding. We were out chapping, and we got let in by someone! Her name is Francis, and she seems super solid. In her own words, she has a "middle of the road" faith and loves learning new things. Hoping to start meeting with her this week.
Well, this week is also St. Patrick's Day, which is huge in Ireland. Chances are very likely that we will have to stay inside for most of the day, in order to avoid all the crazy Irish festivities, but I will send you as many pics as I can! Should be a grand day!
Prayer List
-Romain Work towards 26th baptismal date
-Oussain Hold appt this week
-Francis Meet with us
-Aileen Make time for the gospel
Thank you all for your love and support! Love and miss you all! Stay awesome and keep moving forward!
Elder Wilson
1) Shamrock Shake in Ireland! 2) Can you see Mrs. Doubtfire?

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