Monday, December 21, 2015

It's Christmas!!

Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a wonderful week before Christmas and that you are remembering why we celebrate this beautiful time of the year.
So, we have a bit of a shorter emailing session today due to the holidays but here are some noteable events from this past week.
First, we got to see our investigator David. Had a really great lesson with him, during which he agreed to prepare to be baptised on January 30th!! He still has a few concerns and issues that need to be worked through, but they aren't anything that some praying and teaching can't fix.
Theoden is still on track for baptism on January 9th. The only issue is getting him to church. He is only 9, so he can't get to church on his own, and he has a lot of family struggles that make it difficult for all of them to make it out. Please pray that he will make it to church this week so that he can make his date!!
Other than that, we have been finding our butts off. Had 3 straight days of nothing but knocking doors, so you can imagine how fun that was. We did find 3 people who are interested though which is great. The only problem is that they are all women, and we can't get in to teach them without a man. Proves to be a bit of a problem.
Prayer List
- Theoden (investigator)
- Lee/Naomi (less active)
- David Grant (investigator)
- David McKinnon (less active)
- Rebecca (less active)

Thank you all for your love and support and prayers! Hope you have a Merry Christmas, and remember what the greatest gift is. Stay awesome and keep moving forward! Love and miss you all!
--Elder Wilson
Steps of Whaligoe

Companionship selfie

Elder Thueson being.....Elder Thueson

Ain't it pretty?

Merry Christmas Thurso

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