Monday, December 14, 2015

Family Reunion and a Sore Butt

Well this week has been pretty strange. We had an All Scotland Conference in Edinburgh this week, so for us up here in Thurso, that meant a lot of travel. We left Wednesday morning at 9 AM and drove for 2.5 hours to Inverness. Once there, we picked up some sisters who took a ferry from their area of Stornoway, and the 5 of us drove 4 more hours to Aberdeen where we spent the night. Thursday, we had to wake up at 4 AM and start the 3 hour drive to Edinburgh. At the All Scotland, we had the privilege of hearing from Elder Patrick Kearon of the 70. It was amazing!! Love getting to hear from general authorities. After the conference, we drove 6 hours back to Inverness and spent the night, and then finished our journey back to Thurso on Friday morning. Needless to say, my butt was super sore from sitting and driving for that long. I would be perfectly fine if I never had to sit in that car again.
Now to explain the first part of my title. Well, for those of you not familiar with missionary traditions, your first 3 months of your mission is the time when you are trained. Your first companion is your trainer and is also your father/mother (depending on if you are an elder or a sister). So, since Elder Blaylock was my trainer, he is my dad. Well, Elder Blaylock went home so I am now a missionary orphan. When I was serving with Elder Scharman he made a proposal: he was going to adopt me as his mission son and he would be my mission dad. I agreed and we had a weird adoption ritual that involved weird forms of oodoov (don't ask), fire, and string, and just like that, I had another mission dad. Well, at the All Scotland, we were reunited!! It was so great seeing him again and catching up. It's amazing how close you can get to someone when you spend 24/7 with someone for 3 months.
Sadly, this week doesn't seem too exciting. Lots of finding in the schedule, so hopefully we start seeing some growth here in Thurso. Oh yeah, before I forget, we got our moves call last night. I will be staying in Thurso with Elder Thueson for another transfer. Should be fun!
Prayer List
-Theoden (investigator)
- Neil (less active)
- Rebecca (less active)
- Rhona (potential)
- Shevonne (investigator)
- David (investigator)
Thank you for your love and support!! You are all amazing! Love and miss you. Stay awesome and keep moving forward! --
--Elder Wilson

B-day/Christmas package from home!!

Hi from Thurso!

The kind of places you go chapping in Thurso

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