Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!

Howdy all! This week has been really good. On average, in the Scotland/Ireland Mission, we teach around 5 or 6 lessons a week, if we are lucky. Well, for Elder Cluster and I, this week was really good. We taught a total of 11 lessons!!! We were able to see pretty much all of our investigators, and slowly, but surely, they are all progressing.

With Campbell, we were able to start the Stop Smoking Program with him. Even though he is only 16, he has a really strong will power, so he should be able to quit no problem.

We were also able to see James and Amy. They are both doing alright. Still trying to help them see the need for Jesus Christ in our life and work out a way to get them to church. James has a problem with his leg, and can't sit for too long. We will figure it out though.

Had a good visit with Martin this week also. He really opened up to us, and we found out the root of a lot of his problems. He wasn't able to make it to church yesterday which was a bummer, but hopefully next week.

This week is looking pretty good as well. Tomorrow we are going to be going on exchanges with the Zone Leaders up in Irvine, so we will be up there all day. We have lots of appointments scheduled for this week, including a couple of new investigator appointments, so things should be going well!

Prayer List
-James and Amy
-James M.

Sorry for the shorter email, but the computer I am on is being stupid and slow. I will make up for it next week! Thank you all for the love and support. Love and miss you all! Stay awesome and keep moving forward.

Elder Wilson

Technically not swimming :)

The Irish Sea is cold!

Scotland/Ireland Mission!!!!

Is that.... sunshine?

Out in short sleeves!

Pancake party with Nancy, David, Katie, and Vicky!

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