Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Travel, Travel, and more Travel

As you can probably tell from the title of this email, this week was full of travel.

First off on Monday, we traveled 6 hours by car to Aberdeen. We spend the night there, and then traveled another hour and a half to Dundee for a missionary conference. After that, it was back in the car for a 3 hour drive to Inverness, where we spent the night, and then back in the car Wednesday morning for another 3 hour drive back to Thurso.

We then spend a total of 1.5 days in Thurso, and then it was more travelling.

Friday morning we hopped on a 1.54 hour long ferry to the Orkney Islands to go and do some missionary work up there. We were there until Sunday, when we caught another 1.5 hour ferry back to Thurso. 

Overall, it was a pretty boring week. When we weren't in a car or on a boat, we were out knocking doors and talking to people, without seeing too much success. We were also freezing our butts off!! It's been about 4 degrees celsius all week (I'll let ya'll convert that to Fareinheit), and we got snow up in Orkney on Saturday. Everyone keeps blaming it on me since I am from Minnesota. 

Well, that was pretty the much week. Oh yeah, I also celebrated my b-day! Thanks to my mom and FB, everybody up in Orkney knew that it was my b-day, and that branch threw me a little party, complete with food, cake, and a small gift from the branch. So nice!!! It was much better thna knocking doors in the cold all day I can tell you that.

Prayer list
- Neil (less active)
- Antoine (investigator)
- Lee/Naomi/Theodene (less active/investigator)
- Me (missionary) :)

Thank you all for all your love and support! I am grateful for each and every one of you and the role that you have played in making the person I am today! Love and miss you all! Stay awesome and keep moving forward!
--Elder Wilson

Christmas is in the air!

Snow in Orkney

Seaside lunch on m b-day

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