Thursday, October 29, 2015


October26th, 2015

Hey all! Sorry, but I don't have too much time to write a long email. Here are some important events from the week...

- A less active we are working with, Mark Aitken, has officially been reactivated as of yesterday.
- Elder Scharman hit his year mark last week. We celebrated with ice cream and beef stew!
- I tried black pudding.
- Michael and Angela are still doing great. Talking with them about new baptismal dates this week. 
- Taught Martin again. He says he wants to be baptised!
- Had a mini mental breakdown. Don't worry, all is well!

Sorry I had to make this short and sweet! I will do better with time management next week! Love and miss you all! Thank you for your prayers! Stay awesome and keep moving forward!

Prayer List
1. Michael and Angela
2. Martin
3. Susan
4. Andrew
5. Peter

--Elder Wilson
Black Pudding for breakfast

Black Pudding

Elder Scharman embracing Ffall

Elder Scharman's Year Mark


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