Sunday, April 26, 2015


Hello friends!

It has been a fairly interesting week! On Wednesday, Elder Blaylock and I went to Carluke (about an hour bus ride from Motherwell) to go and try by some former investigators and less active members. Once we got back to the flat, we grabbed some stuff to go to the church and make our progress record and go to a meeting. On our way out, Elder Blaylock asked if I had the phone. I said no and that I had only touched it once all day. We went and tore the flat apart looking for it. It was nowhere to be found! Well, we had to get to the church in order to be on time for the meeting. When we got there, we had the sister missionaries call our phone just to see what would happen. On the second try, some Scottish answered! He said he found the phone on a bus (it had fallen out of Elder Blaylock's pocket). He tried to give it to the bus driver, but the bus driver couldn't take it for whatever reason. Well, he was going to be in Glasgow for the weekend, so we couldn't get back that day. Luckily, Elder Blaylock and I were going on exchanges with some elders in Glasgow the next day, so we arranged a time to meet with him and pick it up. Well, the next day came and the guy never showed up! GRR! After Elder Blaylock and I were back in Motherwell, we borrowed the sister's phone and called the mission home. The elder who handles the phones wasn't too upset since the phone we lost was one of the older phones, and he placed an order for a new one! In the meantime, we are borrowing an extra phone the zone leaders had so we aren't completely helpless! 

That was the most exciting thing that happened all week. No new people or

amazing miracles this week. This is the last week of the transfer, and yesterday we got a call telling us if we would be moving or staying where we are. I will be staying in Motherwell with Elder Blaylock for one more transfer. This isn't too surprising because trainees are rarely separated from their trainers before their 12 weeks of training are up. I'm super excited for this transfer! I feel like it's going to be really good and that we are going to see a lot more success than we have these past few weeks! Prayers would be greatly appreciated though!!

Scottish vocab of the week:
Nae: for some reason, Scottish people have a problem with the word 'not'. Instead of saying that word they use the word 'nae'. For instance, 'cannot' becomes 'cannae' and 'was not' becomes 'wasnae', Takes some getting used to!

Hope you all have a fabulous week! Love and miss you all!

Stay awesome! Keep moving forward! 

--Elder Wilson
Scottish countryside
Weekly planning at Strathclyde Loch

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